Billy Arnold's transformation into one of the fastest raising country music stars is an American story of hard work, love of god and good ol' fashion values. From his humble home in Florida, to his first recording album, Billy’s life experiences have been an integral part of his music.

Whether in the lyrics of a particular song or through his voice, you know you are listing to a true countryman whose love of fishing, hunting and the outdoors is almost palpable.

If you love country music, there is no way around loving Billy Arnold, he is country in it’s purest form. But you will always know it’s Billy singing, because of his distinctively real persona. An authentic southern gentleman, Billy composes his songs from the heart. It is no wonder then why his songs are so closely identified with his fans; who respect him almost as much as he respects them.

“I’m passionate about living life ‘The cowboy way’ which is all about good values and the love of God.” Says Billy, whose amazing voice range and charming good looks make him a favorite among his fans. “I’ve been blessed in so many ways”

He is mesmerizing; he has his own unique sound with a hint of some of the best singers in the history of country music. His voice is amazing, he has an incredible range, so much so that sometimes you have to wonder if that is the same person singing the whole way through a song.